Tenant Guide

The first step after you have decided to rent is to search our online database of available properties. If no property matches your requirements, register to be kept updated. When registering be as specific as possible so our recommendation can be tailored to your requirements.


Will be conducted at short notice unless a property is tenanted and appropriate notice have to be serve. All viewings are accompanied and arranged between 10am and 7pm, Monday to Saturdays excluding public holidays. Viewings can take place outside of these times if practical, just enquire when contacting us.

Holding Deposit

At the completion of a viewing or soon after, if you like a particular property you will need to pay a holding deposit of £300.00 to secure it. Such payment shows good faith on your part and compels us to discontinue further viewings while we process your application. When the landlord accepts your offer and you have passed referencing, credit checks and any other pre tenancy requirements, the holding deposit will be deducted from the first monthís rent due at the tenancy commencement.
The payment of the holding deposit is fully refundable if the landlord withdraws from the proposed tenancy or for some other reason your application is declined through no fault of yours. If you failed referencing, credit checks or withdraw from the proposed letting, the holding deposit will be retained in full or part to meet any reasonable cost incurred.

Referencing and Credit Checks

As responsible letting agents, we must ensure you are able to afford the monthly rent and financial outgoings of the property. In order to aid us in this, we will use external credit reference companies and internal check to decide your eligibility or that of a guarantor for any property you apply for. Usually, you can expect us or our credit referencing partners to contact your employer, accountant, previous landlords and other such companies or individuals necessary before making a decision. The referencing process must be completed within two working days of you paying the holding deposit, otherwise your application to rent will be deemed to have been withdrawn.

Admin Charges

Our admin charges are levied for the administrative work associated with your tenancy including referencing, credit checks, agreement preparation and deposit registration. These charges should be considered when making an application and are as follows. £100.00 for the first applicant and £50.00 thereafter for each additional applicant and or guarantor. There is a check in charge per property dependent on its size. Further details will be provided on request. If you decide to renew or extend an existing tenancy the applicable cost will be £50.00.

Moving In

Prior to your tenancy start date, we must be in receipt of any outstanding sums in cleared funds or your move in will not go ahead. Method of payments acceptable are bankersí draft, secure online transfers or debit card payments. In exceptional circumstances we may accept cash subject to a handling charge of £100.00.
You will be expected to sign the tenancy agreement, a draft copy of which would be provided prior to the tenancy start date for you and any guarantor to approve. Since we represent the landlord we cannot advice you as to the meaning, terms or provisions of the tenancy agreement. You should seek independent legal advice. Any other pre tenancy requirements such as providing original proofs of identification, address and the receipt of signed deeds of guarantee must be meet by this time.

During your stay

You and all guarantors if applicable are responsible for observing all the relevant terms of the tenancy agreement. These include but are not limited to paying the rent as and when due, keeping the property in a tenantable condition and notifying us of any prolonged absence from the property. It will also be your duty to notify the utility providers and local authorities of your tenancy start date and provide the former with the meter readings which can be obtained from us.
Where we are managing the property in which you reside we will conduct periodic inspections as per our agreement with the landlord. Rental payment are to be made to us unless otherwise instructed and should reach us in cleared funds by the rent due date.
Your security deposit will be protected by ARP London with The Deposit Protection Service (DPS) and or be held by the landlord in one of the approved schemes. Please insist upon receiving a deposit protection certificate either from us or your landlord. Further details of the scheme under which your security deposit will be protected will be provided prior to signing the tenancy agreement.